Release of Students Information/Olweus Survey

Release of Students Information

The school district has designated the following information as directory information: student’s name, address and telephone number; date and place of birth; parent(s)/guardian(s) name, grade level, enrollment status, participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; and the most recent previous educational institution attended by the student; photograph and other likeness and other similar information.

Should fill out the refusal slip available and notify their principal no later than two weeks following the start of the school year. Board Policy 506.2E1
Student Directory Information 506.2
  • Use of Directory Information Regulation 506.2R1
  • Parental Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information 506.2E

Board Policies

Olweus Parent Consent Form

Our district has been utilizing the Olweus Bully Prevention Program and as a very important part of that program, we administer the Olweus Bullying Survey to students in grades 3-12. The survey helps the school understand how the students feel about school, other students and their experiences with bullying. All survey responses are confidential; students will NOT put their name on the survey. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The data from the survey will help us develop a focus to improve school safety and lessen bullying – we need to know where, when and how it’s happening so we can effectively stop the behavior.
You, as a parent/guardian, have the right to review the survey. Please contact Kadi Mills (ext. 1240) or Kristen Bauer (ext. 1303) at 827-1700 if you would like to look over the survey.
If you do not want your students to participate in the survey, you must notify your building principal in writing NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS FOLLOWING THE START OF SCHOOL YEAR.

Small Group Counseling Form

Small group counseling services are provided for students in grades K-6. If you do not wish for your son or daughter to participate in such a program, the form below must be completed and submitted.
Small Group Counseling Refusal Form

Middle School Field Trip/Medical Consent Form

If you do not wish for your son or daughter to attend district field trips without parental permission prior to each scheduled trip the form below must be completed and submitted. This form also must be completed if you wish for your son or daughter to not receive immediate medical assistance on a field trip without advanced authorization.
Middle School Field Trip/Medical Consent Refusal Form
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