Student Union

Student Union is a conglomeration of Student Council and National Honor Society. We made the switch for the Fall of 2021 because we found that many of our students in the two groups were the same students. So instead of requiring them to be members of 2 separate entities, we joined the two but created an executive committee and a general council.

Requirements to be an executive committee member include: 

  • Junior or Senior
  • 3.75 Cumulative GPA
  • Involved in a minimum of 2 extracurricular activities
  • General Council member for 1 year

Requirements to be a general council member include:

  • Cumulative GPA by grade level
  • 9th grade – 3.6
  • 10th grade – 3.5
  • 11th grade – 3.4
  • 12th grade – 3.3
  • Involved in a minimum of 2 extracurricular activities

Each semester, grades and extracurriculars will be evaluated and students will be invited to be part of either the executive committee or the general council.

To remain eligible, students must maintain the GPA requirement, complete service hours, attend meetings, have no more than 3 unexcused absences or tardies and cannot violate the Good Conduct Policy.

Who We Are & What We Do 

2021 - 2022 Members

Executive Committee

Leah Becker

Jacie Lange

Bobbi Thomas

Mallory Becker

Alexis Larson

Kate Tomson

Savvy Behn

Hailey Nie

Amanda Treptow

Haley Borland

Alexis VanderWerff

Kate Tomson

Ian Farrell

Nicholas Sadler

Sierra Siems

Student Union Members

McKenna Albert

Jersey Even

Natalie Reedy

Skyler Blad

Kassidy Federspiel

Carter Routt

Ivy Borneman

Mackenzie Federspiel

Kaitlyn Schug

Hannah Bovy

Ayden Gonzalez

Camille Thorson

Maggie Brockmeyer

Claire Hartley

Cameron Troyer

Hailey Davis

Gracie Joblinske

Lydia Wehrspann

Lillee Devlin

Kelly Kane

Silas Wehrspann

Connor Even

Parker McHone

Claire Wright

Sayler Youngblut

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