Program Description of Media

Students will learn 5 basic components as part of the class:

  1. Photography for the newspaper and yearbook
  2. Caption writing for the newspaper and yearbook
  3. Layout and design for the yearbook using an online design program
  4. Working with business advertising; promoting yearbook sales


Students will learn to meet deadlines for both the newspaper and yearbook publications.

This class requires that students get out of their comfort zones to interview any student or faculty member.

Students must capture the happenings going on during school and at the extra-curricular activities in order to create a yearbook that encompasses the year at school.

Students are asked to have their own SD card for the camera. It’s also helpful for students to bring their own cameras if they are able.

Order a Yearbook on your parent portal or contact Diann Behn:

Diann Behn


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