Hard Surfaces Route List

In the unique situation that the majority of roads are clear and safe for travel, but some county roads are not being cleared as quickly, Jesup Community School District may implement their Hard Surface Route plan as needed. The Hard Surface Route plan stopping points and approximate times for each of the current Jesup bus routes is listed below.  We have provided all the routes for your reference in case one of the other hard surface stopping points is more convenient for you and your family. 2021-2022 Hard Surface Route List Whether we utilize hard surface routes or not, please be sure to call the bus garage if your child/children won’t be riding. Messages can be left on the bus garage’s phone and dispatch will notify the driver. In some instances that saves time and keeps a driver from having to go down a road that does not have any riders that day or a road that is impassable. Keep in mind:

  • Notification of use of Hard Surface Routes will be communicated in the same manner as currently used for cancellations, late starts and early outs.
  • Call the bus garage at 319.827.1700, extension 1411, if your child/children aren’t riding. Be sure to provide your name, the name of your bus driver and bus number.

  • Utilize the Before and After School program which is in operation from 6:00 a.m. until school starts and from dismissal time until 6:00 p.m. Contact Ben Lechtenberg for cost and more information at 319.827.1700 extension. 1242 or visit the Community Recreation page

  • Your child can ride another bus if hard surface routes are used and the pick-up point or time fits better for your family.

  • A child(ren) will not be left at a drop-off point unless a parent/guardian is there to pick them up. If no parent/guardian is there the child(ren) will be brought back to the school.
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